CSA – our technologies

Due to the ever evolving and challenging market place, CSA is always looking at innovative solutions to maintain and build upon its existing business with new technological solutions.

“eCLAIMS” is one such solution. This market leading system facilitates an on-line claims submission process that a claimant can log-on to anytime of the day and submit their claim on-line. It will ask the claimant a series of questions within a specified criteria and determine if the claim is covered and what supporting information is required.

Benefits of eCLAIMS:

  • Bespoke question sets by scheme to fit specific requirements
  • Consistent claims handling & improved customer journey
  • Unprecedented levels MI
  • Reduction in fraud due to built in improved fraud detection procedures
  • Faster claim resolution
  • White labelled branding
  • Flexibility & scalability
  • Fully optimised for mobile devices